Feb 12

Vumatel Feedback

As promised, I met with the Vumatel planner on Friday and with the site managers today. Attached are some documents for info, but going to their site http://www.vumatel.co.za will also give you plenty of information. In a nutshell: Vumatel have assured me in both meetings that they are serious about quality and that the reinstatement …

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Feb 08

Vumatel Meeting

Just an update for everyone. Some of our residents have sent complaint letters to the municipality and local counselors. However, Vumatel have permission to do the work and are planning to start mid next week. I am meeting with their planner tomorrow and then their site managers on Monday to find out what their process …

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Feb 01


This is just a quick note about the Vuvatel fibre activity. They engaged with me last year about this and I told them that since we already have Vodacom fibre, the residents would most likely not want the area dig up again. Since then though it seems they got permission from the municipality and are …

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Dec 07

Waste Management Christmas Bonus

Please see the notice below with respect to the waste management staff that harass residents for Christmas bonuses every year. RESIDENTS DISCOURAGED FROM GIVING GIFTS TO WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES EMPLOYEES Residents are urged not to give gifts to the employees of Waste Management Services Department when they collect refuse from households, as this negatively affects …

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Oct 27

Thank you! Just over halfway there!

A big thank you to all those that donated. We are at R2500 at the moment. If you want to NOT be anonymous, please let me know and I’ll make your name known to Sizwe. Thank you again. This is the spirit we should have in SA!

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Oct 25

Bank Details Update (Donations)

EPIC fail on my side. Sorry for the trouble. The account details are in fact: Investec Bank M van der Westhuizen Account  Number: 50011946135 Branch Code: 580105

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Oct 25

Donations: Bank Details

Thank for all the replies! After asking around a bit, I decided not to use the Home Owners bank account (this will make accounting and auditing a nightmare). I have an unused account which we can use and from which I can publicise statements (should there be disputes) that would not include my personal finances. …

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Oct 25

An Appeal For Help

One of our guards that have been with us since the start, Sizwe, had his car stolen. They found it, but it is badly smashed up and not drive able. Since he has no insurance, to him this means he has no car anymore. He got quotes for fixing it to a drive able state …

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Jun 13

Vodacom Project Finalisation

So it seems Vodacom have completed their project. I have fibre connected in my home and I must say, so far it’s awesome. 🙂 In terms of final sign off, please urgently let me know if there are any outstanding issues you know of in terms of closing up where they worked. Please note that …

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May 13

Vodacom Application

The fibre installation is close to complete and parts of our area should be “live” by next month. I realise some of us are quite eager to switch over, and for those I’ve attached the pricing sheet as well as the application form. The Vodacom consultants that will handle new sign ups (and where you …

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