Feb 22

Driving In Our Area

Firstly, thank you to all for making this initiative a success. It’s great to see more people walking and more children playing in our area and feeling safe to do so.

We have had many complaints about the driving style of some of our residents. OurĀ job is to overseeĀ the security operations of the boom and not to police traffic. However feeling safe in the area should include feeling safe from reckless and negligent driving and for this we appeal to you to consider the narrow roads and little maneuver space should you need to take evasive action.

  1. Please drive slowly.
    All of us have a million things to get to in a day, but driving faster than 20Km/h on our narrow road is irresponsible and increases the risk of a tragedy.
  2. Please keep to your side when going around the tight bends.
    Cars, pedestrians and bikes coming from the other side have no view of you and an accident is very likely if you take all the space available for a pass. Two cars colliding is a nuisance, but hitting a pedestrian or bicycle is tragedy.
  3. We are willing to buy convex mirrors for the blind corners, but do not have the time or capacity to install these. If anyone is willing to help with installation, please contact us so we can start the process.

For those that have captured offensive driving on camera (video), please send it to us to we can upload it to this site.

Let’s be a respectful and cautious community.

Thank you!

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  1. I find it amazing that in our area with million Rand plus homes and obvious signs of wealth and therefore one must conclude some level of intelligence, we still have idiots driving like lunatics with cars that sound like they belong on a scrap heap.

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