Mar 01

Fibre News

I have just met with Vodacom and Universal Projects to kick off the Vodacom fibre project. I will post detailed plans and other material as soon as I have these, but in short the project can summed up by the following points:

  • The main fibre distribution point will be in our guard house.
  • The project will be divided into three phases so the whole area is not under construction at the same time.
  • Trenching will be on the pavements (already approved by the municipality) and affected areas will be reinstated to at least what it was before hand. We will have before and after pictures as proof.
  • All workers will have a badge identifying them as workers belonging to this project. Entry and exit will be monitored and recorded.
  • Work hours will be week days 07:00 – 17:00 and Saturdays 07:00-16:00.
  • Any problems can be brought to my attention as I will have direct contact with the relevant parties.
  • I will set up a WhatsApp group for information and open communication for this project between us. Please let me know (and send me your number) if you would want to be on that group.
  • The project is due to start mid March and all three phases completed in three months time.
  • Another fibre company have approached me and we have discussed options for our area. At that stage however we had no indication of Vodacom’s readiness and I will verify with them if they are still interested in covering our area now that Vodacom are about to start their project. I’ll keep you posted on this.

As always, we try to keep things safe and will keep an eye on how this affects our safety. Vodacom have very strict rules around safety and we will in turn make sure we leave nothing to chance.

I believe that the addition of fibre in our area will add to our property value and so see this as a very positive development.

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