Mar 09

Vodacom Update

Just a quick update on the Vodacom project.

They have taken pictures of the ‘before’ state and started getting their equipment set up. Some of you may get a call from Vodacom to help with forms needed to bring the fibre into your complex from the main feed, so please do not be alarmed if you get the call. 🙂

If you do not want to deal with Vodacom, and they call you for help, please just tell them that you would prefer to not be involved. They will then contact me and we can then see how we address your complex.

The Whatsapp group I planned to start have not been created yet as I just don’t have any news yet. I’ll create the group as soon as things start happening and I need to keep those interested up to date.

Should there be any issues, please leave a message on our Contact Us page. One of us will get back to you as soon we can. The next three months might be a little inconvenient, but once done we will be able to start the surveillance project using the fibre backbone. The detail around this are still being finalised, but in short we plan to have cameras in the streets which all of us can monitor from anywhere, anytime. These camera feeds can then also be linked to FOX live monitoring. More on this a little later.

Other news, slightly off the topic, is that we plan to introduce a ‘Helpdesk’ feature on our site soon where you can log a ticket for complaints, suggestions, etc. This will help us to distribute the queries among ourselves and not load all queries on one person.

As (another) side note: If you would like to join the committee or just help out, please feel free to contact us. The committee is not a closed club and simply a group of people volunteering to keep the area safe.

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  1. Dear Morne

    Thank you very much for all your effort in getting fibre into our enclosure and for the great website.

    This is going to benefit all Van Der Walt Enclosure Residents.

    Kind regards
    Sharon Smith

  2. Thank you Morne, I will pursue the Vodacom option to check what exactly it would cost me once ther setup is complete.
    And Burger.

  3. I wish I could get connected now!

    Very excited about the roll out!
    Thank you again Morne.
    I will get on to Vodacom this week.
    Can only be better than Telkom.


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