May 13

Vodacom Application

The fibre installation is close to complete and parts of our area should be “live” by next month. I realise some of us are quite eager to switch over, and for those I’ve attached the pricing sheet as well as the application form.

The Vodacom consultants that will handle new sign ups (and where you can send your application / questions to) are:

  1. Nadia Grobbelaar
    076 652 9583
    012 072 0458
  2. Chris Merts
    063 697 3426
    012 072 0458

The “Activation Fee” covers activation and router. Installation is covered by the current fibre project, so if you gave consent for Vodacom to come into your complex / property, you do not have this cost.

Application Form

Pricing Brochure

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