Oct 25

An Appeal For Help

One of our guards that have been with us since the start, Sizwe, had his car stolen. They found it, but it is badly smashed up and not drive able. Since he has no insurance, to him this means he has no car anymore.

He got quotes for fixing it to a drive able state and we need about R4000 to get him going again.

If you are willing to contribute, please contact me at mornevdw@gmail.com, or my phone 083 701 3456. I might not be able to take every call, so please leave a message or text (or whatsapp) and I’ll get back to you.

This is completely voluntary and anonymous should anyone want to contribute to this.

I usually try to not get involved to avoid building expectations, but do feel this case has merit.

Thank you.

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  1. Burgers will donate R200. How do want us to hand it over Morne?

  2. I will also donate R200.
    Only another 18 donations of the same and we are at R4000!!

    Sharon Smith

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