Feb 08

Vumatel Meeting

Just an update for everyone.

Some of our residents have sent complaint letters to the municipality and local counselors. However, Vumatel have permission to do the work and are planning to start mid next week.

I am meeting with their planner tomorrow and then their site managers on Monday to find out what their process and plans are so we can manage this and have a better understanding of timelines and environmental impact.

Building a good work relationship (rather than being hostile) will also help us mitigate security risks, traffic flow and other issues.

On the plus side, after all is done, we’ll have more options than Vodacom as well, which is not such a bad thing.

I’ll post any new news and outcomes here after the meetings.

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  1. Absolutely the correct approach!
    Thank you Morne.

  2. What irritates me is that this all arrived completely out of the blue or did I miss something/ However, Morne, I am with you 100%. Thank you.

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