Feb 12

Vumatel Feedback

As promised, I met with the Vumatel planner on Friday and with the site managers today.

Attached are some documents for info, but going to their site http://www.vumatel.co.za will also give you plenty of information.

In a nutshell:

Vumatel have assured me in both meetings that they are serious about quality and that the reinstatement of any dug op areas have to comply to a very strict QA process. I will post the relevant managers’ details (with their permission) for any queries and or unhappiness.

This first phase is simply installing the pipes needed for fibre along our pavements. They are not yet going into our complexes as this will be done as people opt to sign up with one of the ISP’s they support. This is the digging and reinstatement phase and will be done by end March.
Their method is digging around 200 meters per day with the aim of digging, installing the pipes and reinstating the same day. Of course there may be delays or complications, but this is their goal.
We walked the whole area this morning and I pointed out the areas where they have to be very sensitive to the hard work that have gone into some gardens. I have to say, at no point did they scoff at any suggestion and even suggested getting special permission to rather go into the road at certain sections than disturb the garden.

As far as security goes, they will send me a list of names of people that will work inside, and our guards will tick off their names as they enter to ensure we have no stray people entering under the assumption that they work for Vumatel. The site manager is also happy to take calls from anyone with issues in our area 24/7 (details below).

My Take (for what it’s worth):

Since they have obtained all the permissions required, have a solid track record and are already working in the area, I highly doubt this can be stopped. I also see no reason to stop this. Where Vodacom is not bad at all, you can only sign up for Vodacom. With Vumatel, you have many options with who to sign up with (including Afrihost, MWEB, Telkom, etc) and so with one extra fibre line, we have many more options.

One technical difference is also that while Vodacom fibre connection are shared between us (in terms of bandwidth), Vumatel claim dedicated lines. This simply means that your neighbours internet usage will have zero effect on your bandwidth.

Vumatel will also include fibre links to the guardhouse from various street poles to allow for street cameras. The only cost for us would be the actual cameras and the internet package to serve the video to your mobile device. Basically, once everything is done, we can have live camera feeds to your mobile device of our street – at a very manageable cost.

We have a good relationship with Vumatel now and so I will do my best to make sure this process is a painless as possible everyone. More options would be good for us, and stopping this seems unlikely anyway.

Please see some marketing documentation attached. The site managers details are:

Khaya Mtangayi
060 337 7488

Vuma Information for Body Corporates, Trustees and Landlords

MDU Manual

MDU Fibre Journey

Customer Information Form

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