Feb 22

Driving In Our Area

Firstly, thank you to all for making this initiative a success. It’s great to see more people walking and more children playing in our area and feeling safe to do so. We have had many complaints about the driving style of some of our residents. Our job is to oversee the security operations of the boom and …

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Oct 12

Home Maintenance Plan

I usually do not advertise on behalf of anyone unless I feel some may benefit. To be clear, I have no association to this company and get no commission or any reward for posting this. I have attached the details of the company to this post (right click on it and  choose Save As..) if …

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Oct 12

Vodacom Fibre Site Survey – Your help needed

We need you help. Vodacom have appointed a company named Universal Projects to do the site survey required to assess the viability of installing a fibre network in our area. For this, they look at where best to install the fibre and if there are existing conduit they could re-use. On this Friday they will …

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Oct 05

Fees Update

As promised, we are dropping the levy from end this month. From the current income we can drop it to R300.00 pm and should we need to adjust again we will do so. Thank you for all that contribute! We are very fortunate to live in a community like ours and I hope we can …

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Oct 05

Vodacom Fibre Update

Vodacom are doing a survey on Friday of our area to assess the costs (and so viability) of installing fibre for our area. Since they have to apply to the municipality for permission to dig trenches, and given the time of year, we are very eager to push this as hard as we can, however …

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Sep 09

Vodacom Fibre To The Home

I have met up with Vodacom and they are busy surveying our area for viability to install fibre. What is FTH (Fibre To The Home)? (skip this section if you already know) Your current internet is probably ADSL. That is you’re using your copper phone line to transmit and receive digital information. The maximum speed in …

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Aug 12

Fees Must Fall

Since we erected the boom we have had to deal with quite a few angry residents and a common theme seems to be that residents think the committee benefit from the levies in some way. No committee member gets any financial or material reward for doing what we do. Not a cent. All committee members pay their levy …

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Aug 11

Courtesy At the Gate

We would like to ask all residents for some courtesy for the residents living around the Vlok gate. Hooting: There have been reports of hooting in the early hours of the morning. If a guard is not aware of you (he could be in the toilet), please do not hoot for attention. If however the …

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Aug 03

New Process

Since we started with the new boom process we have had a few issues which I think we can see as teething problems. However, guards that simply open the gate for unknown vehicles are NOT tolerated and we fired the first one today for just that. I ask you all to please let us know …

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Jul 27

We’re Closing!

After 3 and half years of very interesting and testing times, we are finally closing our area tomorrow morning at 9am. The Vlok entrance will now be the main entrance and the Van der Walt entrance only open during peak times (times advertised on the gate). We have definitely not thought of all possible scenarios, …

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