Jul 18

Closure Delay

Due to the fact that we are still waiting for the municipality to install the electrical meter to the Guard House, we cannot operate the electronic boom in Vlok Street. As such the formal closure cannot take place until we have electricity. The committee apologises for the delay which is totally beyond our control.

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Jul 11


As you have noticed our Guard House is just about complete and we are ready to legally restrict access into our area in terms the formal approval from our Municipal Authorities. The following procedures will be introduced shortly: New identifying car stickers will be issued to PAYING RESIDENTS (Including family members residing with them) PAYING …

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May 23

‘Groundbreaking’ News!!

The builders have started with building the guardhouse.  The project is estimated to take around 5 weeks so please be patient with possible congestion at the Vlok entrance. Our application is in the final stage as well, and we should be legally permitted to control access to our area by the second week of June! Just about …

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Apr 08

Another step closer!

The building plans for the guard house have been approved and the builder will now re-quote us (since his quote is almost 2 years old now!). The good news is that he will be available to start in a month or so. We’ll keep you posted. A big thank you to Debbie for being such …

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Apr 08


We usually do not post this kind thing as it’s very difficult to verify it. However this one relates to our survey post and so should be brought to your attention.

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Apr 05

Stats SA Survey

Just a note that we can expect Stats SA agents in our area this month. Their message: (more here: Stats SA, CS FW ID) Dear sir/madam, As an employee of Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), I would like to inform you that Stats SA will be conducting the Community Survey (CS) in Meyerdal Van Der Walt Enclosure.   The …

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Feb 22

Update – Feb 2016

We are pleased to inform our residents that we are another step closer to our ultimate goal. The Council has just approved the site development plan and all that remains now is for them to formally approve the building plans for the Guard House structure, which we understand from our architect should happen any day now. The next …

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Nov 06


Just an update of where we are. We have approval to close off in principle, which means we have complied to all the requirements to get official approval. The application goes from department to department for approval and when it got to the water department they stopped it as there are water and sewerage lines underneath …

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Oct 08

Lou Quat Estate

Please don’t be alarmed by all the cars parked outside Louquat estate (at the entrance of Van Der Walt). The estate is upgrading their paving and residents have to park outside. I believe they will arrange extra security for their cars.

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Sep 17

Bump in the road…

Unfortunately the approval of the Guard House plans have been delayed due to the unforeseen location of underground sewerage and water pipes which will have to be moved to accommodate the structure. John Straten the Roads Engineer is in the process of preparing the required drawings for resubmission to the council. Until such time as …

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